Just getting on with it can make you more confident



aidan-turnerIn recent interviews Poldark star Aidan Turner has talked about blagging his way into the role by telling casting directors he could ride a horse.  He couldn’t really, but once he had secured the part he gave it a go.  I heard him telling the same entertaining story to Sara Cox, relishing the tale and amused by his own cheek.  My favourite part of the interview was when he said ‘I nailed it. I just pretended to be good and it turned into a real thing’.

You can hear what he said here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p046lgs3

By contrast, in the past few weeks I have spoken to at least five intelligent, competent, fabulous women, all of whom did not go for a promotion, take on new responsibilities or leave their comfort zone because they ‘didn’t feel ready’.  When I asked when they would feel ready the answer was always ‘in a couple of years’.  So the next question has to be ‘What will have changed in two years?’.  That’s a question that they usually can’t answer.  Why?  Because nothing will have changed in their thinking.  No matter what happens they probably still won’t feel ready in 2 years’ time.

The truth is, if we waited until we felt ready there is very little we would achieve.  Sometimes you just have to ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen*, take a deep breath and dive right in.

Getting over yourself and getting on with it is one of my favourite ways of boosting confidence. Men, like Aidan, do it all the time.  If we act confident, we are confident; we become what we think.

Confidence is something many women struggle with.  On 24th September 2016 I’ll be running a Woman flyingworkshop designed to help you understand what affects your own confidence (it’s different for everyone) and then find ways of stopping your self-doubt from getting in your way.  For more info and to book click here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/be-more-confident-registration-25923863975

And whatever you do, be more like Aidan, but please keep your shirt on!

*You could make a mistake, you might feel a bit daft, maybe even make a bit of a fool of yourself but people will respect you for having a go.  And if whatever you’re trying doesn’t go quite as well as you would have liked, you will still have had a wonderful experience that you can learn from, that will help you do even better next time and be more confident about trying