Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching

When companies invest in executive coaching it’s not because they think it’s a remedial activity, fixing people who are broken or don’t know what they’re doing.  Instead they see it as a really good investment.  Studies reported in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and other respected publications indicate that for every £1 spent on executive coaching a company will typically see a return on investment of somewhere between £5 and £10 in benefits attributable to improved confidence, leadership skills and all-round performance.  Some of my executive coaching clients even pay for it themselves.  Why?  Often it’s because they want to do even better, to realise the potential that they know they have inside.

So when might coaching help?  It’s not just for senior executives, people at all stages in their career benefit from coaching on either an individual or team basis, leading to increased effectiveness and motivation.  Coaching can however be of particular benefit in the following situations:

  • If you’re supposed to be a super-confident, competent manager, director or CEO but you can’t quite see yourself that way
  • If you’re feeling stressed, bullied or lost
  • If you and your team aren’t working well together
  • If you want to raise your game and move to the next level
  • When you’ve just been promoted and are adjusting to the demands of your new role
  • If you’ve changed jobs and moved to a new company.
  • Returning to work after an absence, perhaps to have children.
  • When you’re questioning yourself and your abilities
  • When you’re wondering if this is all there is
  • If you’re thinking of changing your career or retiring

And it needn’t be a long-term arrangement, a few sessions could well be enough to get you through.

If you think that coaching could help you then call me on 01235 838 641 or email me at jackie@alchemybusinesscoaching.biz.  Whatever you have tell me will be in complete confidence.  I won’t discuss it with anyone without your express permission.   We’ll start with a free, no-obligation meeting or phone call and take it from there.