Business Coaching For Professionals

Group of six professionals and clients in a meeting.

Business coaching for professional firms

We all go into business thinking that we’re going to fly but the reality is that running a professional firm is really difficult, harder than we ever expect it to be. Whether a firm is growing quickly or seems to have got stuck, it will meet challenges along the way and sometimes it’s hard know who to turn to for advice.  This can be particularly difficult if you are in the business of providing expert advice:  how do you admit that your own firm doesn’t have a clear strategy, or there are other problems?

That’s why having a good coach can really add value.  As a professional myself I understand how hard it can be to ask for help.  So the first thing I do is to really listen to you.  I don’t judge you, I just find out what’s happening and what you want your firm to achieve.  Then I help you find a way to make your business fly.  How?  Well, that depends on what the problems are.  But as I have more than 25 years’ worth of solid business experience in the corporate world as well as 6 years running my own coaching practice, I combine big-company know-how with small business savvy.  In fact there aren’t many problems I haven’t encountered, and I know that with my input you can move your firm forward.

What else? I really enjoy helping to unleash the talent and potential locked up in many firms.  The block may well be practical things, like cashflow but more often it’s related to problems in leadership, motivation and staff engagement.  The latter can be tricky and so I get a real buzz when we start to see things getting better and everyone in the business looking like they’re actually enjoying themselves (honestly, it can and does happen).  I’m also deadly professional and I’ll expect you to be the same.  So you won’t get away with much but we’ll have some laughs (and maybe a few tears) along the way.  The main thing is, together we’ll make your firm the best it can be.

If that sounds good, give me a ring on 01235 838 641 or email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.